Disk Detective–in Chinese!

We’re excited to announce that Disk Detective has been translated into Mandarin Chinese–both simplified and traditional character fonts! Many thanks to Ruobing Dong at the University of California, Berkeley Astronomy Department and Mei-Yin Chou at Academia Sinica’s Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics (ASIAA) for the translation work and to Chris Snyder at Zooniverse for the technical work.

Here is a brief description of Disk Detective in traditional character Chinese and then followed in English:

類似地球的行星是在圍繞著年輕恆星的氣體、塵埃、岩石和冰塊所構成的盤中形成。我們需要你的幫忙來找出更多這種孕育行星的盤,這樣我們才能找 到系外行星且更加了解它們如何成長。

為了找到這些盤,我們結合了數十萬張來自美國太空總署(NASA)的廣域紅外線巡天探測(WISE)任務的影像。已經有很多科學家搜尋來自 WISE的資料並試著用電腦找出這些盤。然而這些盤容易跟星系、小行星、星際物質團塊和其他天體搞混,科學團隊檢視後發現必須用人眼來辨識這 些資料才行。

在尋盤偵探(DiskDetective.org) 中,有了你的協助,這些被辨識出來的盤將能用來建立一個最大的盤資料目錄。NASA的James Webb太空望遠鏡和其他望遠鏡將用這個目錄為主要目標來尋找系外行星。我們找到的這些盤將有助於了解太陽系的過去跟未來。


Planets like the Earth form within disks of gas, dust, rock and ice grains that surround young stars. We need your help to find more examples of these planet-forming disks so we can locate extrasolar planets and better understand how they grow and mature.

To find these disks, we’re combing through a catalog of hundreds of thousands of sources from NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission. Many scientists have been searching through the data from the WISE space telescope to find disks using computers. But the disks are mixed in among galaxies, asteroids, clumps of interstellar matter, and other contaminants. And each team that has looked through the data has found that every source has to be verified by eye.

With your help, at Disk Detective.org we will produce a catalog of verified sources many times bigger than any other catalog. This catalog will yield key targets for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope and other telescopes to search for exoplanets. The disks we find will help us understand the history and future of our solar system.

Marc Kuchner  and Meg Schwamb




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