Tutorial Video

If you’d like some quick tips about how to get started on Disk Detective, take a peek at this little video (below). I’m proud to say that this tutorial is the work of Disk Detective users, who wanted to help new users enjoy the site, and fill in some of the gaps in the other online instructions.

The concept for the video emerged from a round of discussion with Tadeáš Černohous, Phillip E. Griffith Sr., Doug Niergarth, Art Piipuu, Fernanda Piñeiro, John Reed, and Karl Wraight, Lily Lau and Hugo Durantini Luca.  Lily Lau and Hugo Durantini Luca provided the footage and a draft of the script. I had the honor of narrating, and Scott Wiessenger, a video producer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, kindly edited it all together.

For official versions of the video in various formats, see this page at the Goddard Science Visualization Studio.

For more advance tips on how to use Disk Detective, you might enjoy these blog posts.  And of course you can always contact us on the “Talk” network.


Marc Kuchner


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